Is cement and precast concrete the same? What is precast concrete? Where did it originate from? If you are one of those who want answers to these questions then read on! 

Firstly, you should be clear that concrete and cement are not the same. Cement is just a component of concrete. Concrete is made by combining three basic components: water, portland cement and aggregate (rock, salt). Cement becomes a binding agent when mixed with water and aggregates. Concrete mix is poured and hardened into durable material known as precast concrete. You will get the solid precast concrete only at the best precast concrete manufacturer. 

Romans, known as the great builders. They used lime, volcanic ash and salt water in their recipe. The product made by combining these ingredients gave calcium aluminum silicate hydrate (CASH) which is a great bonding material. According to studies, it was found that roman concrete contains tobermorite. This tobermorite is highly organized and has a very strong structure of molecular material. 

In fact, during the process of producing Roman concrete, studies found that it releases less carbon dioxide when compared to today’s method. Romans used natural material: volcanic ash. Portland cement needs an extreme amount of heat to get manufactured. Even today, many experiments have been done by replacing fly ash, volcanic with Portland cement, yet there is no way to know how strong this kind of concrete would be. 

Roman concrete is far stronger and has less impact on the environment even though it’s not going to replace our modern methods. Roman concrete does not dry as quickly as Portland cement does as for many projects time is money. 

Use of Concrete In Pyramids

The earliest use of precast concrete dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was used to build pyramids. Ancient Egyptians created beautiful works of art and architecture. They constructed many magnificent monuments, including pyramids. Their pyramid technology had advanced so much that they became leaders in the world of architecture. But despite all their efforts, their civilization collapsed. Many experts believe they suffered from bad government management, poor economy, and weak military might. Some historians say that the Egyptian people did not have enough respect for nature. They believed that if they harmed nature, the gods would punish them. So, when the Nile River flooded every year, the pharaohs couldn’t do anything. The crops failed and the people starved. Society collapsed.

Conclusion: Precast concrete is a type of building material that can be cast at any size or shape. It can be used in buildings, bridges, roads, parking lots, walls, floors, etc. Precast concrete is also called ready-mix concrete because it comes in a ready-to-use form. It is usually produced using a mold. The molds can be made out of wood, metal or plastic. Ready-mixed concrete is often used in construction projects because it saves time and labor. It is easy to pour and harden. Ensure that you visit the best precast concrete manufacturer for getting the best quality precast concrete. 

It is important to note that precast concrete is different from regular concrete. Regular concrete requires more mixing and a longer curing period. It takes about five days for regular concrete to cure. On the other hand, precast concrete only needs two hours of curing. It is faster and easier to produce. Also, precast concrete is cheaper than regular concrete.